Our Attempts to obtain legal representation and bring this case to the courts were thwarted and obstructed at every juncture.

Our first representatives abruptly quit.

A representative at a larger law firm was recommended. W employed the services of Fulton and Co. out of Kamloops B.C. Our attorney claimed to be one of the foremost experts on obstruction of justice. He went on to structure our case in a manner that ensured it's demise on a legal technicality. The cause was prohibited by law under the time frameconstraints in which a cause of this nature had to be filed. After filing the charge in this manner and taking our money from us, this attorney abruptly quit saddling our next attorneys with a case doomed for failure from the start.

It was only later that I found out that this attorney's father was a former Federal Liberal Cabinet Minister.. Not only was he a Federal MP, he was the member who was the staunchest supporter at the time for giving the RCMP the discretion to break the law whenever the RCMP deemed it necessary..
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Researching this Politician, uncovered strange connections to another missing girl dating back to that time and location.  This was the first indicator of what has become a royal conspiracy.

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